Timelapse Media Examples and User Videos

The proof of the pudding, so they say is in the eating.  With video products it's in the seeing.   The only problem is that you might not have the right kit to see it in it's full glory.  Youtube tends to compress images and some viewing screens can't get above 1080p, so if you are not sure if its your hardware, screen, viewing portal or just your eyes, please contact us and we will try and get a more representation image to you somehow.

In the meantime, here are some video taken from cameras within the store.

720P - Our workhorse Brinno TLC200 range 


1080P Now we are talking, here's a few videos from the Afidus and Brinno range


4K - you might not be able to see this in its full specification due to the server or your screen, but here you go.


6K - The chances are this one will be lost on your screen , but at least you will get the gist of this.


8k - no chance on this screen brother, but call us and we will send over some hard copies for you.

There are plenty of video examples to be found on Youtube, or Vimeo, but here are a few that showcase each camera and resolution:

Brinno 720p Examples

Afidus 1080p Examples

Brinno TLC2000 - 1080p Examples

CamDo 4K Examples

Enlaps 4K Examples