About Us

The Timelapse Store is constantly innovating and researching the latest technologies to bring the best timelapse solutions to the timelapse market, for every project and every budget. Whilst we're a small team, we have a wealth of experience within the wonderfully niche industry that is timelapse.

We only work with brands that deliver top quality products and we don't sell anything that we haven't tried and tested ourselves. We're proud to have close working relationships with all of our suppliers, we regularly meet with them at various points around the globe to provide customer feedback and industry insight.


Michaela Hamilton
Managing Director

Michaela is the proud owner of The Timelapse Store. Michaela is responsible for the everyday running of the business but she loves chatting to people on the phone, so chances are if you've called us, you've spoken to Michaela to discuss your upcoming projects! 

Since Michaela's ownership of The Timelapse Store, new products have been added, delivery options have increased and most notably, The Timelapse Store has expanded into the EU. 

Young Business Person of the Year 2023

Women in Construction Ambassador 2022

Lee. H
Project Coordinator

As project coordinator, Lee is responsible for ensuring that our project campaigns, such as our 'vouchers for videos' scheme, are curated and running smoothly.

Lee. F
Technical Manager

If you've had technical issues, you've porbably spoken to Lee! Lee knows the timelapse cameras inside out and back to front, our in-house timelapse guru.

Lynne. G

Behind the scenes, Lynne ensures that orders are processed, invoices are raised and her eagle eye is amazing at spotting any discrepencies.

Fran. M
Marketing Executive

Fran is our creative genius, always looking at the latest trends, she's responsible for our marketing campaigns and lead generation.

Our Mission

We're on a mission to put a timelapse camera on every construction site, conservation project, event setup and community scheme. We want to support our customers, enable our service providers and build long-term relationships with our diverse client base.