Timelapse Camera FAQ's

We have been doing this for a while now and it's still surprising how many times we get asked  'can you deliver this yesterday?'  The answer to that one is no, but here are a few questions we can answer.  

  How long will the batteries last for

This depends on the camera chosen, but this can be anything from 30 to 220 days.  cameras with project timers can take this figure even higher.

 Are the JPEG's stored separately

 All the 720p and 1080p cameras automatically convert the captures images from their raw JPEG format to video.  The Camdo and Learian product give you access to the captured images only

 Are the Cameras weatherproof

The Brinno and Camdo products will need an additional case to make them weatherproof, but the Afidus, Enlaps and Learian products are weatherproof straight from the box.

 How do I see the images remotely

This will need some sort of communications on site.  The Camdo Upblink uses a wifi hotspot or and plug in modem while the Enlaps and Learian products utilise an their own 3G/4G Mobile connection. 

 Can they be externally powered

Yes.  All the cameras have an external power connection.  This tends to me a micro usb plug which will need to be additionally sealed if used outdoors.

 How are they mounted

All the cameras have at least one standard tripod fitting (1/42 UNC) on the base which will accept all manner of brackets and tripods.  Some products like the Camdo range have 6 fittings on three different faces to ensure you get the best mounting position for the camera.

 Whats your warranty on the products

We everything we sell its a standard 12 months.  Some of our trade re-sellers enjoy up to 24 months.

 Can I get support setting these up

Absolutely.  We have built this business on our ability to be able to support everything we sell.  Feel free to call, email or even pop over to our meeting room if you are close by.