Timelapse Camera FAQ's

We know that timelapse projects can raise a number of questions, we've put together our FAQ page to try and help you with this. But, if you have any other questions please call us on  0330 058 8318.

How long will the batteries last?

This depends on the camera chosen, but our battery life range is from 3 days to a couple of years when utilising solar power! We have a handy comparison chart which may be able to help.

Do the camera's take images or videos?

The cameras are designed to take the individual images at your required shooting intervals, then (depending on the camera) these are stitched together creating your timelapse video. With the compact camera range (Atli, Brinno, Afidus) you don't get access to the images, only the video. With the Enlaps, GabrielCam and Infinity range you have access to the images and then can use the relevant portal to stitch your video.

Are the cameras weatherproof?

Most of the cameras require a weatherproof case, except the Tikee which can be used in all conditions without additional housing. Most products include the case, however the Brinno range sells them separately.

How do I access the camera remotely?

If you have a camera that features remote access, this camera needs to be either connected to a local WiFi network or you can use a SIM card with a data network.

Can the cameras be externally powered?

Yes.  All the cameras are able to utilise external power connection.  This tends to me a micro usb plug which will need to be additionally sealed if used outdoors.

How are the cameras mounted?

All the cameras have at least one standard tripod fitting (1/42 UNC) on the base which will accept a range of brackets and tripods.

Whats your warranty on the products?

Everything we sell has a standard 12 month warranty.

Can I get support setting these up?

Absolutely.  We have built this business on our ability to be able to support everything we sell, therefore please give us a call to setup a meeting.