New EU distribution hub confirmed

New EU distribution hub confirmed

Trigger warning, we're going to mention the 'B' word. Yep, that's right, Brexit.

Our Challenges

Brexit has created many challenges, for many businesses across the UK, particularly when it comes to imports and exports. Our biggest challenge since Brexit has been that our EU customers are now being issued an invoice for Import fees once the package goes through customs. Whilst there are many tax schemes which allow you to claim this back, it's an additional expense at the point of entry and it's an inconvenience.

The Plan

Over the past 12 months, we've consistently questioned, what can we do to service our EU customers better post-brexit? Well, we're proud to announce that we now have an EU distribution hub based in Germany. We are also the proud owners of a DE (German) VAT registration, which allows us to distribute and service our EU customers without import fees, all necessary tax is included within our EUR price and reported according to VAT regulations.

EU Purchasing

Whilst you can still purchase via The Timelapse Store website, not everything is available within the EU distribution centre yet. Our primary brands, including Afidus, Brinno and Enlaps are being held in DE, and most accessories will also be available by the end of 2023. For a better view of what's available within our NEW EU distribution centre, please head to our sister website:

We are very excited to be supporting our EU customers with this venture, should you have any queries then please do get in touch.