Welcome to our new timelapse camera store

Welcome to our new timelapse camera store

Welcome to the Timelapse Store

We have been asked so many times to provide a wider range of cameras in additions to our usual Brinno and Routesafe products that it seemed obvious to do this but it wasn't as straight forward as we thought it would be.  We knew we had great relationships with all our suppliers and it wouldn't be hard to get them on board. We also had faith in our logistics operation and knew that this new venture wouldn't compromise our delivery promises.

We didn't think that we would have problems with the website creation at all - boy, were we wrong!   Well, three web developers, 2 hosting companies and a massive re-think on the design, here we are.

The store now offers everything from the popular 720p cameras to the stunning picture quality of a 8K solution.    We also now include the much awaited Enlaps 4 and 6K remote access cameras. We plan to add some DLSR hardware later in the year as well.  Keep an eye out as well for the new range of remote cloud based controllers coming soon

Please let us know what you think of the new look and our extended range.